Benefits Of Computer Network

The computer network can be defined as “A set of computers that are connected and able to exchange data”. In local area network (LAN) is usually set up to allow data exchange and resource sharing (such as files, printers, fax modem, scanner, Internet broadband access) between computers.

What are the Advantages of a Computer Network:

The most obvious benefit of computer networking is that you can store virtually any kind of information at, and retrieve it from, a central location on the network as well as access it from any connected computer. The many benefits that networking offers to us are:
  • File Sharing: Networks offer a quick and easy way to share files directly. Instead of using a disk or USB key to carry files from one computer or office to another, you can share files directly using a network.
  • Security: Specific directories can be password protected to limit access to authorised users. Also, files and programs on a network can be designated as “copy inhibit” so you don’t have to worry about the illegal copying of programs
  • Resource Sharing: All computers in the network can share resources such as printers, fax machines, modems, and scanners.The ability to share resources reduces the cost of buying computer hardware.
  • Communication: Even outside of the internet, those on the network can communicate with each other via electronic mail over the network system. When connected to the internet, network users can communicate with people around the world via the network.
  •  Flexible Access: Networks allow their users to access files from computers throughout the network. This means that a user can begin work on a project on one computer and finish up on another. Multiple users can also collaborate on the same project through the network.
  •  Work-group Computing: Work group software like Microsoft Back-office enables many users to contribute to a document concurrently. This allows for interactive teamwork.
  •  Error reduction and improve consistency: One can reduce errors and improve consistency by having all staff work from a single source of information, so that standard versions of manuals and directories can be made available, and data can be backed up from a single point on a scheduled basis, ensuring consistency.

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