Application Area of Computer Networking

Computer network applications are network software applications that utilize the Internet or other network hardware infrastructure to perform useful functions, for example, file transfers within a network.

Application of Network
There is a long list of application areas, which can be benefited by establishing Computer Networks. Few of the potential applications of Computer Networks are:
  1. Information retrieval systems which search for books, technical reports, papers and articles on particular topics.
  2.  News access machines, which can search past news, stories or abstracts with given search criteria.
  3.  Airline reservation, hotel booking, railway-reservation, car-rental, etc.
  4.  A writer’s aid: a dictionary, thesaurus, phrase generator, indexed dictionary of quotations, and encyclopedia.
  5.  Stock market information systems which allow searches for stocks that meet certain criteria, performance comparisons, moving averages, and various forecasting techniques.
  6.   Electronic Financial Transactions (EFT) between banks and via cheque clearing house.
  7.   Games of the types that grow or change with various enthusiasts adding to the complexity or diversity.
  8.  Electronic Mail Messages Systems (EMMS).
  9.  Corporate information systems such as marketing information system, customer information system, product information system, personal information system, etc.
  10.   Corporate systems of different systems such as Order-Entry System, Centralized Purchasing, Distributed Inventory Control, etc.
  11.  On-line systems for Investment Advice and Management, Tax Minimization, etc.
  12.   Resources of interest to a home user, Sports results.
  13. Theatre, movies, and community events information.
  14. Shopping information, prices, and advertisements.
  15. Household magazine, recipes, book reviews, film reviews.
  16. Holidays, hotels, travel booking. Radio and TV programs.
  17. Medical assistance service.Insurance information.
  18. Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI), School homework, quizzes, tests.
  19. Message sending service, Consumer Reports.
  20. Employment directories and Job opportunities.
  21. Tax information and Tax assistance.
  22. Journey planning assistance, Train, bus, plane etc.
  23. Catalogue of Open University and Virtual University courses.


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