Computer Peripherals

Introduction For computer peripherals :

A computer consist  of several Physical component and each Physically component is designated to perform  one of the Operations is discussed in my previous  notes .
The computer device can be attached internally or externally to the computer. Devices connected internal are called the Primary components and connected external are called Peripherals.
Common input peripherals include keyboards, Computer Mice, graphic tablets, touchscreens, barcode readers, image scanners, microphones, webcams, game controllers, Light Pens, image scanners, and digital cameras. Common output peripherals include computer displays, printers, projectors, and computer speakers.
Below are some of the Devices that are attached externally to the computer, Expect Keyboard and Mouse, are called Peripherals. The various computer Peripherals Devices are :
  • Keyboard : Keyboard is an input devices used to input the data to the computer . The component that closely resembles as typewriter which contains keys to feed information into the computer.In general, Keyboard are available in two Models. Standard And Enhanced Keyboard.  
  • Mouse : The Tiny  Device connected to the System unit through a cord resembling a tail is called a mouse. Moving the mouse Produces a corresponding movement of an arrowhead on the monitor .Mouse is used as a pointing device used to select a Particular option shown on the monitor.  
  • Printer : The Printer i an output devices used to take the printout of files.It could be a document or a photograph . The quality of the printout depends on the type of  Printer we are using .The speed of a Printer is rated either by pages per minutes (PPM) or by characters per second (CPS). Printers are available in two models  i.e. Color and black and white.
  • Scanner :  The scanner is a device that can transfer typed or handwritten texts, graphs, diagrams and Photographs to the computer .In short ” scanner is used to digitize Physical documents/ Photographs.
  • Output Devices Monitor ( CRT/ LCD ) : Monitor  is an output device displays images and texts generated by computer. The monitor of a PC works like a television screen .Its displays text characters and graphics in colors or in shades of grey . The Monitor is sometimes also known as Computer screen,. Anything we typed on the keyboard is displayed on Monitor,When a program is executed, the information is displayed on monitor.
  • Webcam: Webcam used for lower levels video conferencing through internet. In this technique the users can see live each other during the session .
  • Microphone : Microphone used to record the voice ,Dictate to a computer (converts to text, chat). 
  • Computer speakers: Speakers are used to Play sound in the computer.
  • Computer-Speakers



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