How to Monitor Who is Connected to Your Wi-Fi


How you Feel if You’re paying for a Internet services but Someone are enjoying  that servieces without knowing You,

Many peoples living around you are trying to access your Wi-Fi connection for free, We’re aware that you’re paying bills from your hard earned money and want to stop such unwanted activities. In today‚Äôs post, we will review how you can keep a constant monitor on your wireless network connection.


Actually your router have some built-in functions for detecting wireless network connections but this is a limited function and doesn’t allow for advanced features. Some of the application like Nirsoft wireless network watcher will be allow advanced features such as live monitoring and detection.

Which you can keep better track of your Wi-Fi network connections.

First of all go to the NirSoft Wireless Network Watcher download page and proceed to download the.exe file

After downloading finished you will need to start launcher. Once the application starts, You can configure more advanced settings for the software by navigating the path Options > Advanced Options

You can also set the software to beep whenever it detects a new connection,
using the path Options > Beep on new device

Hope you’re enjoying ….!



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