Tips to prevent Google AdSense account get disabled

Friends, In this post we discuss How to prevent our Google Adsense account getting disabled.
As we know the purpose of Every blogger when knows something about blogging it means to him writing and earning easy money.
The most common way of earning they think of Google AdSense and bloggers with more energy get their Google ad sense account banned early compared to little less excited one.
This happens because they are not aware of Google AdSense rules instead they want to more Google AdSense revenue in short period.
Read this post carefully,
If Anyone gets banned by Google Adsense, you have rarely heard that people got it reinstated. Therefore, I suggest you to beware of Google AdSense rules completely to monetize it mostly.

How To Avoid Getting AdSense Account Banned:

Every blogger when getting Google Adsense approved becomes very happy but becomes more depressed when it is banned or suspended.
Google doesn’t provide you with the exact reason but sends you the standard email to your Google AdSense disabled. So everyone wants to know i.e …


Why Google Disabled My AdSense Account.?

Most of the cause that could be a reason may lead your Google Adsense account banned. I have divided them into two parts, i.e.

01). Due to invalid activity. (Internal Cause)

Internal Cause: Violations that could be lead to banned linked to internal factors include the following:

  • Froud click (Click Fraud)  can occur because the ad is clicked by yourself, or ask someone else a friend or friends to click on ads or each other? clicking on ads with other publishers in a planned because there is a mutual agreement if it is detected then inevitably we must give up our AdSense ads for permanently disabling.
  • Changing the structure of the AdSense code Both in terms of appearance with the help of CSS and code structure AdSense itself, so it does not seem natural.
  • Advertising system popup or sticky Advertising Adsense via a popup window that violates the rules Google Adsense, also meaning Adsense with sticky which still appear not flinch when the blog page on the scroll, it is also not allowed and end a Google account AdSense will be banned.
  • Incentivized traffic source To increase more traffic any publisher also third-party services which drive click and impression on the pay-per-click basis. They may generate auto surf and join click-exchange programs with other blogger friends.
  • Encouraging accidental click If you are designing your website in such a way that forcing the user to click on ads then its time to move on now, otherwise you will soon receive Google Ad sense account banned email.

02). Due to privacy policy violation. (External cause)

External Cause: Violations that could be lead to banned linked to internal factors include the following:

  • Content violation:  If you using pornographic, adult and mature content on your website then you are violating the Google AdSense policy.
  • Sending ads on Email:  Some website owner start to embed the ads in the email newsletter and if fortunately, it goes viral they earn dollars but it is nowhere mentioned in Google AdSense policies.
  • Aggressive ad placement: If you placed the ads in the way that is increasing your CTR(click through rate) more than normal, it might become a reason to ban your AdSense account.(Aggressive ad placement refers to put an ad in the way user are forced to click on ads by making them fool, putting a different label above ads.)
  • Hosting copyright content: as per Google AdSense TOC, you cannot use the content you don’t own. And if Google notices this it will reward you the penalty and make you suffer. Most of the beginner steal the content and use it on their website.
  • Promoting illegal entity: If you’re promoting illegal content before applying for AdSense then for sure you can never get AdSense account approved.

If you followed above mentions, I am sure you’ll never see an unfortunate moment of getting Google AdSense account banned.
I hope this article “Tips to Prevent Google Adsense account get disabled (Know and Beware)” will surely help you to understand the core concepts of Google AdSense Terms of Conditions, and also guide you to focus on making an online authority.
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