What is Computer Network (Introduction).

Computer networking means Sharing of Data and resources.

Dear Friends, we recently discussed the essentials of computer networking hardware, now we discuss network and computer network.

What is the network?

A network is a connection between terminals, computers, servers, and components which allow for the easy flow of data and use of resources between one another.The different networks that we come across in our day to day life are telephone network, cable TV network, transport network of a city etc



The Concept of Networking:

The idea of networking has been around for a long time and has taken on many meanings. If you were to, look up ‘network’ in our dictionary, we might find any of the following definitions

  • An openwork fabric; netting
  • A system of interlinking lines, tracks or channels
  • Any interconnected systems; for e.g. A TV –broadcasting network
  • The system in which a number of independent computers are linked together to share data and peripherals devices, such as hard disks and printers.

Sharing is the purpose of computer networking: The ability to share information efficiently is what gives computer networking its power and its appeal. And it’s come to sharing information human beings are in many ways similar to computers.
Just as computers are little more than collections of the information they have given, so we are in large part collections of our information given to us. When we want to expand our knowledge, we broaden our experiences and gather more information.

Introducing computer networks:

Computer networking means Sharing of Data and resources between two or more computers with a communication between them through a medium. The communication medium can be through radio waves, wires, and leased lines, routers, infrared, optical fibres etc


Networking is most widely used in the field of computer technology. A computer network is comprised two or more wired and wirelessly connected computers. All the computer in networks can access, share the data and resources with each other.
Computer networking has become an integrals part of business today.Individuals, professionals and academia have also learned to rely on computer networks for capabilities such as Email And access to a remote database for research and communication purpose. Thus, Networking becomes an increasingly Pervasive, worldwide reality because it is fast, efficient, reliable And effective.



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