Karma: The Truth Of Life

Do you feel bored from the text of the technical post? So, I had tried something different and try to refresh your mind with some truth related to our life.

Is there an effect of Good and bad works?

Many Things happen in the Life of Human which is out of its control. But its result has to suffer him/her either it is good or bad.
Several times we feel that any person is not worst but his life is full of Difficulties, On the contrary, many people are criminals, unsocial but their life is full of luxuries.
People Who believe in previous birth linked these to the works of their previous birth but Philosophers are also who think that works done by them are not necessary to be good in the Eyes of God.
In the Other words, it may be true because everyone does not Know the criteria of the judgement of God. If a Person Know this, then all the problems or difficulties of its life could come to an end.
The differences Between good and bad works keep a person Unbalanced. It is the universal truth that all the good works in our life are due to gods rule and regulation but Sometimes we may feel it wrong because a person who does not follow them also lead a good Life.
Here, A Question arises that a person has to be happy or sad.? about the results of his/her works, which is not in its control. But there are no Problems to be happy, So the debate on it is also not necessary.
Whereas we have to think about the works that make us sad. To understand we can take Example of best airlines which get crashed either it was controlled by a good pilot.
Here, If the pilot has done any mistake but there is no any mistakes of passengers who had selected the best.
Does in this situation there must be a point of sorrow.? The answer is Not.
This type of thinking can make us sorrow free. Thus, a person have not to worry due to the results of this type of works, which is not in its control, Whether, yes you have not to underestimate the results of works which is in your control and try to make it luxurious.



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