Native Advertising Networks for Publishers [Top 5]

Today’s Topic is What is Native Ad.? & what are the Best Native Ad Networks for Online Publishers?

Everyone starts blogging for their passion, but it’s always in the mind that it is a matter of fact that one day, I will get the chance to earn money from blogging and after few months you get this opportunity.

Google Adsense account is approved on your blog and you are eligible to Google Ads.

But sometimes it happens that through Google Adsense, a different blogger, whose website traffic is the same as your website, but he earns more money than you.

This is due to the use of another Native Advertisement in the place Google Adsense’s in their blog content. If someone clicks on it then you earn money.

Today, I will tell you about the native ads and what are the best Native advertising platform. So, let’s begin.

What is Native Advertising.?

Different bloggers have different thoughts about it. Someone said it ‘Paid Advertisement’ & Someone ‘Media advertisement’, but everyone has the same thought. Native Ad is according to content, i.e. 

5 Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers:

Native Advertisement Platform

You can earn good by using any Native Advertising Network given below according to your requirement.


AdNow is a new player of Native Ad, but it’s able to quickly make its place. AdNow is very good for those publishers who want to earn money with the help of Native Ads in their website.

AdNow is a Content Matched advertising network. This network provides specially Related Post Widgets which can help you to earn money by using it on your Site. If you have a good European traffic then you must use Adnow once.

AdNow also approves other websites like Hindi, Spanish as well as English Website, and you can use it safely with AdSense.

Minimum Payout Threshold for AdNow is $ 20 (from Paypal), there are several options for Payment Methods. You can also pay your Payments with PayPal and Bank Wire Transfer.

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RevContent is one of the fastest growing native ad networks in Native Advertising. It is known for liking both publishers and advertisers because it only takes 20% of RevContent Revenue from both advertisers and publishers, which proves to be beneficial for both.

RevContent’s Native advertising can be easily seen on large websites like NBC News, Forbes, CBS. RevContent is different from other native networks because it includes a highly responsive widget, gallery implementations, infinite scroll and customization API.

RevContent pays its publishers at minimum $ 50, which can be Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit.


Outbrain started in 2006, when it comes to quality advertising, then this network is at the top. Outbrain takes great care of its ad quality and only involves less product-based advertising so that they can also improve the user experience of your readers.

Outbrain can be used by only Premium publishers whose blog or website has more than 10 million people per month. So, that they can maintain quality between publishers and advertisers.

Related Content: Making Money Online with Infolinks has a good network of advertisers and publishers. The Widget of looks quite clean and spam-free. If your website has not been approved by Premium Ad Network, then I would advise you to use this network. available 100% fill rate to his publishers and it approves only those websites whose language is French, Turkish, spanish& English but if you have used Hinglish then you must apply once because many of You can also see its Ads easily on the Hindi website. pays its Publishers with minimum $ 50 Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer, PayPal, eCheck / Global ACH, which you can choose from your own will.


Taboola is known for Native Advertising, they provide a way to send traffic to their advertisers’ website and earn money from Publishers.  you can also use Taboola for Indian traffic.

You can use Taboola to increase your website’s traffic, as well as in Native Advertising, Content Promotion. You can also use Taboola Content Ad easily with your AdSense ads.

All Publishers and Advertisers can log on to the website of Taboola directly to check their reports and from there you can also create your own campaign.

Taboola offers many payouts method to the publishers. It provides Global bank transfer, Direct deposits from Net 45 and from Payoneer it sends money if you had made minimum $50.

Here, I had mentioned some Native Ad Networks and there are many choices like MGID, AdBlade, Natively and Ayboll but it depends upon you and quality of your website.

I hope you enjoyed reading the post please share if you liked it.



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