Review of Pop-Under Ad Network AdPixo

AdPixo Review Pop-Under Ad Network: is an innovative pop-under advertising network dedicated to working exclusively with premium pop-under ads. AdPixo guarantees clean and high quality of ads having 100% fill rate.
Review for AdPixo, Pop-Under Ad Network, Make Money
AdPixo has set up their own ad server technology. Publishers keep 85% of revenue shares and get faster domain approvals because of AdPixo’s 24-7 support team.
We are going to discuss AdPixo Ad Network, and talk about AdPixo CPM rates. Although they are new, they have a good number of features to attract advertisers and publishers.

Why Choose AdPixo Advertising:

AdPixo gives sufficient reason to join their ad network. Not only can you have a low payment threshold of USD 10, but you can request the payment anytime and it will get processed.
AdPixo is ad network for both publisher and advertiser. So if you are a publisher, you can place ads on your site and make money oAdPixout of it and if you are an advertiser, you can run your ad campaign effectively and drive people towards your product or site.

  1. User-friendly Dashboard,
  2. Real-Time Stats,
  3. 24/7 Friendly Support,
  4. Dedicated Account Manager,
  5. Referral System
  6. Own Ad Server Solution

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Benefits for Publishers:

AdPixo Ad Network benefits are given below provided to publishers who are signing up with AdPixo network.

  1. 85% Revenue Share,
  2. Faster Domain Approval,
  3. Anytime Payout,
  4. $10 Minimum Payout,
  5. 100% Clean and Safe ADs,
  6. Flexible Payments Options (Paypal, Payza & Bitcoin).

Benefits for Advertiser’s Benefits

AdPixo Ad Network benefits are given below provided to its Advertiser who is signing up with AdPixo network.

  1. Direct Traffic from Publishers
  2. Faster Campaign Approval and More Control
  3. Conversion Tracking
  4. Fraud Traffic Detection
  5. Flexible Payments Options.

AdPixo Ad CPM Rates:

It is important for any publisher to have an idea of the CPM rates provided by an ad network. Here are the CPM Rates Provided by Adpixo Ad Network:

  1. For US, UK, CA, & Tier 1traffic, the CPM rates tend to be around 1.5$ to 4.0$,
  2. For ID, IN, Korea, China and other Tier 2 countries the CPM rates tend to be around 0.4$ to 2.0$

AdPixo Publisher Requirements:

The minimum traffic requirements for AdPixo is relatively low. They run on a model that accepts new publishers who are generally turned down by other ad networks. Here are the basic publisher site requirements for AdPixo:

  1. Traffic Requirements: None, 
  2. Site Language Requirements: None,
  3. Ad Types: Pop-under
I hope you enjoyed this Post “AdPixo Pop-Under Advertising Network“, So what are you waiting for? Join them NOW as a publisher. Let me know your Question or experience with them via the comment box below.



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