Best AdSense Alternatives Ad-Networks For Publishers [Top 10]

Google Adsense Alternative Networks: Earning money from Website or Blog is not so easy as we think but we all need to be working constantly and keep posting according to the specific niche. After that, the main question is how to make money from it. ?
The Best method to Earn money from the blog is from advertisement. The most popular ad network platform for the publisher is Google Adsense. And while there’s nothing particularly wrong with that—it is, after all, the world’s largest ad network, but to sit on an assumption that AdSense can’t be outdone by anyone isn’t wise.

Top Adsense Alternatives Ad-Network For Publishers:

Alternatives for Google Adsense

Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Your Website:

Here are the Top 10 Adsense Alternative Advertising Networks that you can use instead of Google AdSense.

Vibrant Media is another ad network that offers speciality ad formats such as in-text, in-image, lightbox, storyboard, mosaic, and brand canvas in addition to the standard IAB display ad units.
Depending on your needs, you can choose to use Vibrant Media as your primary display ad network or you can employ their native ad solutions to increase revenue without changing your existing ad configuration
Ads are responsive so they can be delivered across multiple platforms seamlessly.

  • Model: CPM, CPC
  • Minimum traffic: None serves ads from the Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network, which comprises of a large pool of national and local advertisers, ensuring a 100% fill rate across all verticals and ad formats.
Some of’s publishers include Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and more. The network supports standard IAB sizes and has access to high-quality ads from all major DSPs.
In addition to display units, also supports desktop interstitial, in-content native, and mobile docked ads.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: 500,000 monthly impressions is the technology, data and insights arm of AOL Advertising. It has relationships with 70+ of ComScore’s Top 100 ad-supported sites, with a publisher network spanning 30+ content verticals and monetizes nearly 2 billion ad impressions per day on average.
If you’re looking for a specific set of advertisers, offers ad blocks by advertiser, industry, media, and category to ensure the best fit for your site.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: 300,000 monthly impressions

Conversant runs campaigns for 5,000+ brands every month, increasing the chances of finding an ideal fit for all content verticals. A real-time publisher interface offers fully transparent campaign reporting along with activity and revenue data.
Their cross-platform advertising solutions ensure that publishers are able to maximise their revenue from mobile devices.
In addition to the standard display, they offer ads in multiple other formats such as in-text rollovers, static, rich media, banners, over the page and more.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: 1,000,000

AdCash is one of the foremost advertising networks and provides high-quality ads from leading brands and exclusive pricing models designed to effectively monetize their online content and increase revenue.
AdCash supports all industry standard as well as exclusive display formats such as site under, footer, interstitial, slide-in, background, and more. It has over 1,000 ad campaigns running on its platform—the big inventory means better ad targeting.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA
  • Minimum traffic: 1,000,000

WWW Promoter offers publishers high fill rates, competitive CPMs, advanced targeting, and efficient ad serving using its proprietary ad serving technology.
They focus on building a network that comprises of trusted brands and advertisers, eliminating the possibility of low-quality ads being served. The in-house ad platform has a reporting tool that helps publishers track their CPMs in real-time.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV
  • Minimum traffic: 1,000,000

Haxhax is a premium, the brand-safe private marketplace with over 100 hand-picked premium publishers serving video, rich media, mobile and traditional display.
According to Haxhax, “It provides comprehensive reporting, multi-screen ad servicing, and an auto-invoicing system to get your payouts on time”.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPV, Auction
  • Minimum traffic: 500,000

Media Nexus is an ad network that works with fortune 500 and global brands, with some being exclusive to their network.
This means that ads served by the network are usually of high quality and add to a user’s experience (instead of taking away from it).
The network serves six distinct verticals and offers publishers monthly payments, a dedicated account manager, high eCPMs, and 100% fill rates.

  • Model: CPM, CPC, CPV
  • Minimum traffic: 5,000,000

Adsterra is a young and fast-growing premium ad network serving more than 50 billion geo-targeted ad impression a month.
This network provides innovative advertising media and monetization solutions for the web and mobile advertisers and publishers worldwide.
It offers a vast variety of effective ad formats in all popular sizes for both web and mobile including Pushup, interstitial, display banners, pop-unders, sliders, and direct links.
Adsterra Each campaign is tested hourly through an automated verification software designed by GeoEdge, ensuring the highest possible ad quality and security.It also provides high eCPM which pay up to $3 for 1000 impression which also depends on from which country your traffic comes. it pays more for US, UK, Canada like countries.

  • Ad Format:-CPM, CPC, POP, CPA
  • Minimum traffic:-300,000

Another ad network for high traffic website mainly visitors from Canada, US and UK. Clicksor serves over 900 million ad impressions on over 100,000 specialised websites that comprise its publisher network.
In addition to regular banner ads, Clicksor also offers in-text ads, rich media, interstitials, and pop-unders as alternative ad formats.
It divides publisher into two groups on the basis of total impressions. Clicksor is Bid based CPC and CPM ads networks. Its offer less CPC rates as compare to above Sites. If also offer Referral Program means you earn 10% revenue from the Publisher you refer to using Clicksor.

  • Publisher Traffic Requirement – None
  • Ad Format:- CPM, CPC, PPC, In-text and contextual banner ads, Pop under and other text-based ads.

These 10 ad networks are best to monetize any blog. If you want to monetize your blog must check this ad networks.These all ad networks are work different basis so it’s not correct you will earn same but this not means you will earn lower than Google Adsense. Monetize your blog will other ad network and keep blogging.
Note:- We have not listed these networks according to popularly or ranking.
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