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Google Blogger is introduced a new tool for bloggers to highlight articles they’ve written on their own Blogs,With the new Feature Post gadget (similar to a widget in WordPress), Google’s Blogger platform now lets bloggers position their favorite post in prominent places, e.g. at the top of a side-column.
All Blog blogger who write a Blog post might be know how important it is to post frequently in order to encourage readers to come back to Blog or Website . When the more you post, the more quickly our posts slip down into the archives, making it harder for our readers to discover everything we’ve posted that they might be interested in.
To help make it easier to showcase the posts you want your readers to see, Blogger created a new gadget called “Featured Post”
To activate the new Featured Post tool, simply hit the “Add a Gadget” option under the Layout tab, and hit “Featured Post.
You’ll be able to place the gadget wherever you’d like on your blog and then choose the post you’d like to show. It’s worth noting here that Blogger already allowed users to create featured posts on their site by editing some of the code in a Blogger template, but this new gadget now takes care of most of the spadework.With Featured Post Gadget, you can choose posts you’ve shared on your blog and highlight them wherever you’d like

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Other blogging platforms, such as WordPress, have offered similar extensiblity for a while, so in many ways this has been a long time coming for Blogger.
Twitter has also given micro-bloggers the ability to pin individual tweets to the top of their profile page for some time, as a way for users to draw attention to their favorite personal musings
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