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GetSiteControl offers a set of visitor engagement tools for website owners and bloggers.

GetSiteControl Reviews & Features:

Have a website..? This one’s for you.
Wow doing great..! You created a cool Website or your Personal Blog. You completed it with a great Design and layout. You Published 60 -70 articles; and you found No Traffic or Engagement on your Blog or site.
And Guess What….?  You get demotivate for doing this!

Now, what can you do…? Read this Post For Drive Traffic To your Website or your Personal Blog….!. Considering you have a new blog, it’s very hard to get Traffic To your Website.

GetSiteControl full Review

GetSiteControl Publishers Offers, The Best tools in the universe to power discussions, increase engagement, & earn new revenue. With GetSiteControl you can place Widgets with ease. When you signup at you’ll get a code to paste in your HTML or a plugin for your CMS or Blog Templates.That’s it. All Done,


Personalize your Marketing With GetSiteControl:

Friends..! Building site traffic is both hard and takes time. You may have the world’s best (and fully optimized) website, but what happens if people aren’t visiting it..? To help solve that problem, GetSiteControl – The Best Marketing tool for Website and Blog to boost site traffic

If You :

  •  Want to Engage your visitors
  •  Want to Grow your visitors
  •  Want to Convert your visitors
With GetsiteControl audience solutions you can Increase the accuracy and reach in your digital marketing ;GetsiteControl Features are:-
01). Complete widget toolkit: Create and manage surveys, follow and share, contact forms, opt-in forms, promo notifications, widgets easily from a single dashboard.
02). Customization: Customize widgets according to your need. Customize Size, Color or any type of Appearance that satisfies you.
03). Behavior settings: Be In Full control over the widget’s behaviour – choose when to display and stop to display the widgets and how often your site visitors should see it or even set queries whenever and according to a user clicks.
04). Easy One-Time Installation: You need to only put the code once in your website HTML. And forget everything else, Getsitecontrol will do the rest. You just create the widgets according to your need.
05). Mobile responsive: No further worries because the Widgets that you’ll create will work everywhere whether it’s Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet.
06). Analytics: You can download the specific Analytics for particular widgets and have a view on your widget’s performance
07). Beautiful and customizable: Bars, popups, buttons or panels – you choose how your widgets will look like. Add custom images, choose colours, fonts and animations.
08). Work on any website: WordPress, Blogger, Shopify, Tumblr, Squarespace, Joomla, Weebly, Bigcommerce, you name it.

Visitor Engagement widget for your website or blog:-

01). Subscribe widget: – The Subscribe widget helps you get more email subscribers and gather leads through your website. Maintaining contact with subscriber is one of the most important tasks of web or blog and newsletters are an effective way to do so. So make sure you’re constantly adding new contacts to your email list by adding the Subscribe widget to your website.
02).Social follow widget:- Setting up a social media presence is indispensable. That’s what the Follow website widget will help you with. Social presence lets you establish closer relationship with your Followers, increase your follower and get instant feedback
03).Social Share Widget:- Make it easy for your website visitors to spread the word around by liking, sharing, re-tweeting and pinning your website content. Let them promote your BlogPost by sharing them with friends and family. Encourage your users to share your Post on social media to increase traffic.
Share_bar_widgets_GetSiteControl Review
04).Chat Widget:- Add live chat to your website to talk to your website visitors in real-time. Settings up a live chat on your website can help you increase engagement.
05). Contact Us Widget:- Add the Contact widget to your website to communicate with your website visitors. You can invite them to send you ideas and suggestions, ask questions, report problems or even place orders via the widget. Make your visitors feel more comfortable by offering them an easy way to contact you.
GetSiteControl Review_Contact_us_bar_widgets
06). Popular or Promo widget:- Tell your website, visitors, what page they should visit next with the help of the Popular or Promo website widget. The Promo widget comes handy whenever you need to show a notice or alert, promote a new BlogPost, draw your visitors’ attention to the most important content, share Website /Blog events or news or just drive users directly to the Specific page.
getsitecontrol review Popular_widgets
Plans And Pricing:- 
There are three plan included:-
1. FREE – You can use up-to 1 site. Contains all Widgets but with less Customization.Click below For free Plans

2. PLUS – You can use up-to 3 sites. Contains all widgets and all Customization, but has Branding.
(10$/MONTH). Click Below For Plus Plans

3. PRO – You can use up-to 5 sites. Contains all the above features and removes Branding feature.

(25$/MONTH).Click Below For Pro Plans.
Conclusion: I am impressed with all the widgets available in one place, Free option can be a good option for you if you are using as a small or personal one. As all the widgets are inclusively in FREE Plan.Sign up for the full-featured Free plan So what are you waiting for Sign up now on GetSiteControl

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