How To Make Money From Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart, a successful e-commerce company in India, and its success stated by the number of online buyers growing in India. is one of the Top 10 most visited websites in India.
If you need to make the profit with Flipkart Affiliate program by promoting items online and gain high referral commissions.

Making Money with Flipkart Affiliate is one of the best and the most well-known web shopping portals in India offers great choices for bloggers and webmasters There are a lot more success stories available on the internet about Flipkart. This post to let the online shoppers and every other person to know that they can be benefited from Flipkart not only by buying products online and also by referring products.
Flipkart is not just a medium to buy electronics, clothing’s, books etc., you can also Make Money using Flipkart.The best part of Flipkart is, you don’t have to sit tight to start. When you enrol to take an interest in this project, you can utilize paid media, content writing, email and different types of promoting to push your affiliate links around. You can Earn up to 15% offshoot commissions by referring individuals to

What Is Flipkart Affiliate Program:

The Flipkart affiliate program is a great way for you to earn commissions by placing product banners or links on your website to refer users to the website. You can earn up to 15% every time a user clicks on the Banner/link and makes a purchase on Flipkart site.


Why Choose Flipkart Affiliate Program:

Flipkart is exceptionally transparent and they are essentially clear about their rate of commissions you gain from the sales, running from 4% to 15% relying upon the item classification. Here are the items of the requisition structure into diverse classes.

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How To Get Flipkart Affiliate Account:

The most effective method to Get Started and Register!
Basically, Create/sign-Up another account at Flipkart and then log in to your Flipkart affiliate account than figure out your affiliate offers than begin advertising items and gain cash on the web.Just read the below instructions and find how to get your own Flipkart affiliate account.

  • Go to and create an affiliate account for you by clicking the “Register” button. The account created now is different from the other account you used to buy products from Flipkart. Affiliate account is only to earn commissions, and you can’t purchase using this account.
  • Enter the required details like Email address, password, agree with the T&C and click the”Register” button.
  • After registering, you will be asked to fill in your contact details like address, phone number, website information and payment method.
  • If you don’t have a website, Read how to create your own website for free.
  • In Payment information, you have 2 types of payment modes. You can choose EFT or gift voucher according to your need. 01).In EFT Method   And  02).In Gift Voucher Mode (Both Method Discussed Below).
  • Minimum payment threshold for EFT is Rs.2,500, and Rs.250 for a Gift voucher.
  • Once finished entering the required details, click the “Save changes” button at the bottom of the page.

That’s it! Your Flipkart affiliate account is ready to earn money.

How To Generate Flipkart Affiliate Link For Specific Product:

Money making process doesn’t end once you created an affiliate account. You should make people buy products using your affiliate ID. If you refer a product to others without generating affiliate ID you won’t earning anything. Before referring a product convert the normal link into an affiliate link. Read the below instructions and find how to generate affiliate URL.

  • Once the page is loaded, you will find a toolbar in the top of the page.
  • Now, paste the copied URL in the toolbar and click “Generate” button.
  • Once the affiliate URL is generated, click the “Select” button and copy the URL. And now you can share the product’s affiliate URL to whomever you would like to refer.
  • To make sure that the URL is your affiliate link, check whether there is “affid=YOURAFFILIATEID” at the end of the URL. If not so, you should regenerate once again or just add &affid=YourAffiliateID.
  • Here’s a sample affiliate URL, which has my affiliate ID at the end

That’s it! Get started with your Flipkart affiliate account and earn some money.

NOTE: Don’t forget to generate your affiliate URL before sharing it with others.

In Flipkart affiliate program, you have more options to make money by displaying the banners, widgets and more promotion tools for your website. Once your visitor buys a product in Flipkart by clicking the banner displayed on your website, your commission goes to your affiliate account.
To get banner codes and widget codes, hover over “Affiliate tools” and choose any category you would like to.
You can use those widgets, search bar on your website to boost up your income. Share your best performing tool in the comment section below and help others in affiliate marketing.
If you need further more details about the affiliate account, you can check it out here Or Comment on Below.


Flipkart Affiliate Program Payment Options

At present there is 2 sorts of Payment alternatives as under beneath:

  • EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) – Recommended: Your Earnings will be credited to your Bank Account once you reached the threshold limit.
  • Gift Voucher: You can have your earnings as a Gift voucher and you can use the voucher code while buying products in Flipkart.

When you chose Gift Voucher option, you’ll claim your income when you make Rs. 250/- in commissions. And if you choose EFT as the payment option, the income will be transmitted to your bank account only after you earn at least Rs. 2500/-.

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I hope this will surely help you. If you have any questions or problem let me know. Please Comment on Below.
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