BigRock Affiliate Program Review (How To Make Money)

Affiliate Programs are one of the ideal routes for bloggers and website owners to make some good money from their websites and Blogs. There are many different partner programs; however in this post let us examine Bigrock Affiliate Program.
Big Rock is here with a fabulous affiliate program with which you can earn BIG commissions, as big as INR 10,000 per sale. Just promote different products and services offered by Big Rock and get paid a fantastic amount of commission per sale.
Go through this detailed Review of Big Rock affiliate program and find out what makes it a great web hosting affiliate program. Becoming an affiliate is Free, easy and Profitable.


Why Should you Choose Bigrock Affiliate Program:


Bigrock is India’s one of the biggest and most prevalent website and web hosting organization. They manage services like:

  • Web hosting
  • Email hosting
  • Security Certificates
  • Domains Registrations
  • Do It Yourself Website Building

And lots more….
After effectively enlisting yourself as an affiliate at BigRock you will get a chance to push their items and get decent commissions for every sale you make. They give their affiliates different ways like standards, e-mailers, content ads and so on which you can use to display ads and promote their products to earn commissions.

How It Works:

Big Rock pays you for every successful purchase made by the visitors sent by you. A best aspect regarding Bigrock affiliate system is that affiliate can make and distribute their coupon code which qualifies them to get paid on their sales.
When you sign up As an affiliate, you can additionally utilize Direct link url which empowers you to get a custom Link to promote which will look something like this :
This is your Direct link url. It is your website where you start earning commissions by selling Big Rock’s products and services.
You can send traffic to your unique URL through your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter profile and earn commission for each sale.

How Much You Can Earn:

There is no limit to the amount of money that you can make with Big Rock affiliate program. Take a look at the present commission structure. The commissions are applicable for the first year purchases only. If a product is purchased for less than one year, the commission is calculated on the basis of duration. For example, if a product carries a commission worth INR 1,000 for a one year subscription but you sell it with three month duration you will earn INR 250 .

How and When You Get Paid:

Big Rock pays commissions on net 55 day basis. The minimum commission threshold is INR 2,500.  For example, the commissions earned for the entire month of January are paid on or by March 25. Bigrock pays commissions to its associates by 2 technique i.e

  • If you are an existing Big Rock customer, you can transfer the commission earned to your customer account. In that case, the minimum commission threshold is reduced to INR 1,500.
  • Commissions are also paid through bank/wire transfers once the holding period is over and the commission threshold is crossed.

NOTE: TDS is deducted on your earnings @ 10% if you provide PAN card details and @20% if you do not provide PAN card details.

BigRock Affiliate Program Commission Rates % :


Eligibility Criteria:

Big Rock does not have any eligibility criteria per se, but they prefer websites, blogs or social media profiles that do not feature content related to pornography, software piracy, ROMs or emulators, illegal activities, hatred, racism, etc. Above all, Big Rock retains the right to decline affiliate applications that don’t fit the bill.

How to Join Big Rock Affiliate Program:

For enlisting as an affiliate with you recently need to information exchange by filling a straight forward structure with essential items like your name, address, contact number and so forth. You can also contact Bigrock support group for any query with information exchange process or mail them about the same. You may also read about the BigRock FAQs for more information about the same

The application form is available at:
You Get More than Banners and Links to Promote Big Rock
To advertise Big Rock products, you are not limited to text links or high-quality banners alone. Big Rock also lets you give special discounts to your customers through custom discount coupons! You can request custom discount coupons through your affiliate profile. After reviewing your request, Big Rock generates your customized coupon within five working days.
I hope this will surely help you. If you have any questions or problem let me know. Please Comment on Below.
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