Monetize Your Website or Blog With Infolinks Ad

Making Money With Infolinks Ads: Wow doing great..! You bought a cool domain name. You complemented it with a great hosting. Then setup up your Blogger Blog or WordPress blog with some great theme. Publish 20-25 articles, and you apply for Adsense.And Guess What….? You get rejected..!
Now, what can you do? You’ve already invested in your blog and now you want to make money; Make Online Money With Infolinks Ads. Considering you have a new blog, it’s very hard to get by sponsored posts or advertising banners on it.

Monetize With Infolinks Ads:

Even a new blog has a hard time making any sales with affiliate marketing, isn’t it?
So how the heck can you make money? This is where Infolinks Ads comes into the picture.

 Infolinks is an advertising network and helps blog owners make money.

Infolinks? Is it just another advertising network?
Trust me I’ve experimented with many, many advertising networks but none of it has been able to match up with Infolinks sans With Google Adsense.
Infolinks is a CPC and CPM-based advertising network which displays ads in a unique way unlike Google Adsense or any other advertising network for say.
If you’ve used Adsense, you know it’s a pain in the absence if you want to add a new ad unit to your blog. For newbies, it’s really hard to know how to do it properly who end up putting more ads on a blog than recommended and hence getting banned.
But with Infolinks, there is no such issue. Why?
Once you put Infolinks JavaScript into your website, just like magic you can setup what ads are displayed on your website right from Infolinks Dashboard.
Before we move any further let me tell you how to register with this one of a kind advertising Network.

How to Register for Infolinks Ads!

Visit from your web browser and click on ‘Join Us’ link, sitting right next to ‘Login’.
Once you click, you’ll be greeted with a registration form inside a lightbox. There are two ways to register with Infolinks, one is adding your website URL and connecting with Facebook, or manually putting in your details like Full Name, Email Id, Password and CAPTCHA code.
Yes, that’s it, no more bluff details to fill while registration.
Once you click on ‘Join’, Infolinks will first review your website and within 72 hours let you know if your site is approved or not.
It’s easy to get approved by Infolinks if you have the quality blog. Infolinks approves a blog based on its content rather than traffic. Though if you have Wares, Illegal music download, free movie download websites, then it’s hard to get approved.
Even fairly new blogs with low-quality content will also get disapproved.
Once you’re approved, things start getting better from there.
You just need to integrate the Infolinks code into your website and you’re good to go. If you’re using WordPress, Blogger, Drupal or Joomla Infolinks has an easier way to Integrate with your site if you’re afraid of messing with website’s code or don’t know how to do it.
Once the basics are done, let move on to the interesting part i.e. putting up ads.

Type of Ads offered by Infolinks Ads!

You’d be shocked to know but Infolinks doesn’t offer traditional ads like Google Adsense does, instead, it’s a contextual advertising network and displays ads based on the content.
Infolinks Ads Network offer 4 types of ads, they are in-text, in-fold, in-tag and in-frame. Each ad type has it own significance as mentioned below.
In-text:– Since Infolinks is a contextual advertising network, it targets some keywords from your website and dynamically turns them into a link. Once a user hovers over that link a shadow box is displayed with the ad in it. This results in one ‘ad view’.


In-fold– When you open any website, the part that gets displayed on a screen is called a fold. An in-fold ad sits at the bottom of this fold. When a reader scrolls down, the ad unit too scrolls down. Since it is a fixed ad, changes in ad clicks are high and hence you make more money.


In-tag:– Tags are basically an overview of what a piece of content is all about. Tag links are displayed on a webpage to a location set by you. Suppose you wrote a content on basketball shoes, 4-5 tags will be displayed with keywords like ‘Nike Shoes’, ‘Jordon Basketball shoes’ and stuff like that. Once a user hovers on such tags, publisher i.e. you make money.


In-frame:– In-frame ad unit is I guess is the less used advertising unit of Infolinks. What it does is, it displays 2 skyscraper ads on either side of a website, which are usually blank on a widescreen monitor. These ads are some tricky and displayed only if the site has more space towards its left and right. This means such ads won’t be displayed on mobiles and tablets, if you have a response website, isn’t that cool.


Wanna know my Personal Thoughts on Infolinks.

Infolinks is one a kind advertising network. The best part I believe about Infolinks is, it does not ask for any kind of advertising space on your website. It displays ads based on what is available, which is great compared to Google Adsense.

Unlike Google Adsense, you just have to put Infolinks integration code on your website once and you can control the types of ads, the number of ads and on which websites the ads will be displayed right from Infolinks dashboard. You really don’t have to keep copy-pasting codes, which is a usual procedure in Google Adsense.

Once you make $50 revenue, you’ll be paid via Wired Transaction, Paypal or Payoneer other options also available within 45 days. If you’ve opted for Wire Transfer then the minimum payment threshold is $100. Infolinks even comes up with new methods and strategies or even contest to help make publishers make more money from their website which helps me a lot.

So, What are you waiting for?

If you have a great website through which you want to make more money, Infolinks is the way to go.




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