List of Top 10 Indian Travel Affiliate Programs

Travel Affiliate Programs for Indians, Online travel companies are willing to pay high affiliate commissions in order to increase sales and stay competitive online. If you’re getting daily traffic on your website, it’s time to turn this traffic into earnings as an affiliate with a travel company.
Online travel companies are growing at a rapid rate because people are travelling more than ever.At the same time, the competition to reach the top and stay there intensifies with every passing day.

Best Travel Affiliate Programs for Indian:

This trend is forcing travel companies to spend a lot of money to stay competitive online. They are willing to pay high commissions to affiliates who can generate brand awareness and increase sales.

Top 10 Indian Travel Affiliate Programs

01. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program

When you have a site or site on travel then this is an unquestionable requirement join affiliate program. You gain around 5% on Domestic Flight Bookings & Flat Rs.500 on International Booking. You additionally earn around 8% on inns & occasion bookings. Instalment is carried out with check once you cross least of Rs.5000/- process more than 1.5 million room nights annually. Helping you to achieve a high return that keeps getting better. You can join Hotel Affiliate program and start using MMTAN XML API.

02. Affiliate Program specialises in holiday packages, hotel bookings, flight bookings and a range of travel booking services. It provides a gainful affiliate program that helps you earn attractive commissions. offers its affiliate program through third party affiliate networks. The commission structure is same on all affiliate networks so you can join any network at your discretion. More details about this program are available on awards you up to Rs. 225 per domestic flight booking and Rs. 425 per international flight booking subject to the number of transactions. For each domestic hotel booking, you get up to Rs. 1000 depending upon the booking value.

03. Expedia Affiliate Program

Expedia extends an attractive affiliate program called Expedia Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP) that provides handsome returns. You need to have a travel agency to enjoy the benefits of this wonderful program.Expedia TAAP is free to join and it offers lucrative commissions. Due to its global brand reputation, marketing Expedia’s services is not that hard.
The program offers up to 10% commission on holiday packages, hotel booking, car rentals and more. There are dedicated call centres to provide real-time support to all TAAP affiliates. Apart from that, you are given access to a range of tracking and reporting tools to track your progress.

04. TripAdvisor Affiliate Program

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest and most trusted travel community. Sending users there will be a piece of cake. offers an affiliate program as impressive as the TripAdvisor community itself. You can earn up to 50% commission for sending traffic to through your website. offers its affiliate program through Commission Junction so they are the ones who pay you directly apart from offering you various tracking tools and support.

05. TravelYaari Affiliate Program is India’s leading bus ticket booking website. It offers an affiliate program that gets you up to 5% commission every time a user searches for buses and buys tickets.Affiliates are paid once a month through EFT. The minimum commission required for withdrawal is Rs. 500. A 10% TDS is deducted on payments made through EFT. Please note that no commission is awarded for cancelled tickets. Please note that there are no joining fees for being a affiliate.

06. HelloTravel Affiliate Program is a great website which is gaining momentum day by day. Promoting it will surely turn out to be the right decision. puts forward a valuable affiliate program that allows you to earn up to 100% commission for each lead sold through your website.
When a relevant inquiry is generated through the inquiry form on your website, you earn a commission up to 100% of the released amount of the inquiry.The commission is paid on monthly basis as per the billing cycle which runs from 26th of a month to 25th of the next month.Your commissions must cross the threshold of Rs. 500 before they get released to your account. If the commissioned earned is less than Rs. 500, it is carried forward to the next month.
The program is free to join and there are no monthly fees involved. uses special cookies to track visitors, so you are guaranteed to get commission even if a customer bypasses your website and contacts directly.

07. TravelEngine Affiliate Program is not just another travel website. With a tagline “Shaping the way you travel” and an advanced yet easy to use online booking system, it is all set to impress travellers. You can earn up to 15% commission for sending visitors to You can use dynamic rich media to let users enter their trip details right there on your website. Commissions are calculated at the point of sale which means that you do not need to wait for travel to complete.
Joining is free. Get in touch with to know more about the program and join it.

08. Affiliate Program is India’s No. 1 travel search engine. Ixigo does not handle the booking of tickets, hotels, tour package, they redirect the user to book directly from the travel provider’s page.
You can earn money just placing their Take our search box on your website and let users search and redirect.

09. Agoda Affiliate Program

Agoda is one of the fastest-growing online hotel platforms worldwide. Agoda can access more than 170.000 hotels worldwide and be providing services in 38 different languages.  You can earn up to 60% commission on bookings. You can put their Banners, Search Boxes and affiliate link to your website. When your reader will book a hotel from their affiliate link, you will earn the commission.

10. Travelguru Affiliate Program

Travelguru is India’s largest Hotel Network with over 4000 hotels in India and 90000 worldwide and books 1200 room nights per day. It is one of the most experienced and trusted online travel website in India.If you generate 61 bookings in a month: Bookings 1-10 get Rs.300; Bookings 11-24 get Rs.400; Bookings 25-59 get Rs.500. The total commission would be Rs. 26,800.

Earnings As A Travel Affiliate:

Travel affiliates are earning attractive sums of commissions every month. Saying yes to a travel affiliate program is the first step towards success. People mostly get online to avail exclusive travel packages and deals. Promoting a travel website will be easy as pie. Good luck.
If you have found this article interesting, do us a favour and spread the word. Let your friends know about a simple and effective method of earning money online as a travel affiliate.




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